Let Me Share A Simple System For Creating Products,
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Receive 52 New And Proven Effective Action Plans To Get Things
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Over 875 Pages Of Training Materials Organized Into Weekly Action Steps!

Do What Works One Step At A Time

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to make a full-time living on the internet?

Just imagine it for a moment...

Your money worries would be over. You could quit your day job. You'd finally be able to pay off those bills, fix up the house, and maybe even buy a new car.

But I tell you what...

Although the money is nice, the lifestyle that you can enjoy while working from home is the real benefit.

Maybe you've been thinking about traveling across the country or even abroad on vacation, but your current job doesn't let you do that. When you work online, you can work from just about ANYWHERE in the world ... including all those places on your bucket list. This is the kind of stuff dreams are made of.

Or maybe you have other plans. Maybe you'd like to spend more time with your children, family members, and friends. Or perhaps you'd like to devote more time to a favorite hobby. Perhaps you'd even like to do more charitable work in your community.

When you run a successful online business, these things become very possible.

No more 9-5 grind. No more spending hours snarled up during the rush-hour commute. No more feeling like you're just a ship passing in the night when it comes to your spouse.

Because when you have a successful online business, that affords you the time to focus on what matters MOST to you. (And I'm betting working your fingers to the bone for someone else doesn't even make the top 10 on that list!)

But here's the problem...

There are a lot of people who are frustrated with their Internet businesses. They feel like they are spinning their wheels and not really getting any results. They SPEND their money and time on product after product, but don't MAKE any money.

Sound familiar?

And now for the good news: you're about to get the help you need...

Full-Time Income. Part-Time Hours.
Real-Time Strategies.

Let me ask you a question...

Would you like to find out how to make more money while working fewer hours with timely strategies?

That's pretty much a no brainer, right? Of course the answer is yes. That's the dream we're all working towards. And I tell you what, it is very possible - no matter what your skills, background or experience.

You see, I've talked to hundreds of online business owners over the years, and no one has ever told me they wished they could work around the clock.

Because let's face it, there's more to life than work. It's the lifestyle that counts, right? Money is good, but it means nothing if you don't have any free time to enjoy life doing the things that are most important to you. Trust me, I get it.

And that's why you're going to love this training, where you'll discover the exact strategies you need to grow your business working whenever you want to, wherever you want to...

Now listen up...

Every piece of this training meets three criteria...

It's possible to set a goal of earning six-figures in the first 12 months ... even if you don't have a product to sell to begin with. So, the first objective with this training is for you to discover a proven strategy for generating six-figures, going from "zero to profit". This isn't theory that you will be receiving; these are the actual proven steps countless others have used to go from zero sales to beyond $100k.

The second objective is do everything you need to do in less than ten hours per week. That's right, there is no need for you to be glued to your computer around the clock! You'll share the systems and shortcuts you need to earn money online during your spare time. By streamlining your business and focusing on the "best bang for your buck" strategies, you'll earn maximum profit in minimum time. Spend the rest of your week doing the things that are important to you!

Everything you learn about in these 52 modules will be timely and relevant, methods that are working right now, today. You won't read about it in the training unless it has proven to be successful and duplicatable. There will be no need for you to "filter" out things that no longer work as is the case in a lot of dated products, because this training focuses on the latest methods that really work..

It's a true "behind-the-scenes", "all-access" pass to starting and growing a successful business. Best of all, it's completely reproducible by you in your business!

That's potentially a game-changer, right? Because...

Uncomplicated Training Means You Get Unstuck

Do you know one of the biggest contributing factors that separates those who succeed from those who don't?

It's this: those who succeed tend to keep things simple.

They focus on best practices that produce the biggest results, and they don't worry about a lot of the "moving parts" that so many people seem to think are important. While everyone else is busy "setting things up", those who keep it simple are making money.

The philosophy is simple: You want to do the least amount of tasks possible to make the biggest amount of money possible. Two words for you: best practices.

Want to know the biggest reason why most people don't succeed with their businesses on the Internet? They get stuck.

Want to know the biggest reason why most people get stuck? They complicate things.

Listen, this is true for those who are complete beginners who struggle to get things off the ground, and it's true for those who are intermediates who struggle to take things to the next level, and it's true for seasoned veterans who struggle with too many moving parts that they can't even enjoy their lives because business is consuming them.

Let. This. Training. Help. You.

This 52-module course is all about simplifying things, making them understandable and doable for you. Simply put, you can expect a methodical, simplified, actionable way to make money online.

This is actionable content that's filled with real examples, ideas, shortcuts and best practices for you to act on instantly to grow your own Internet-based business.

That's important because...

You Are Here, But You Really Want To Be There

Whether you are a beginner who hasn't made a sale, an intermediate making less than a thousand bucks a month, or a seasoned veteran with a thriving business ... you aren't where you'd like to be.

Am I right?

Whether your goal is to make more money or work fewer hours (or both!), there's some place beyond where you're at right now that you'd really like to be. And this training program is your clear-cut, workable plan for moving towards that place instead of trying to just wing it on your own.

Act now and you will receive instant access to 52 proven effective action plans that outline a simple system for creating products, building lists, generating traffic, and earning real spendable cash working as little as ten hours each week. These are the actual strategies used by successful online marketers, and each plan is filled with examples, shortcuts, ideas and best practices for you to complete.

You'll discover what is working, and what you need to do in order to put everything to work for you. Don't overlook that. It's not about you working your business, it's about your business working for you!

Each Action Plan Focuses On One Of These
Six Core Components Of Internet Business
  • Product Creation Simple strategies for generating income with your Internet business.
  • Email Marketing Effective ways to build and monetize an email subscriber list.
  • Traffic Generation Best practices for generating traffic to acquire customers.
  • Business-Building Quick steps for creating additional streams of automatic profit.
  • Infocreation Insightful ways to create information faster, easier and more profitably.
  • Efficiency Original ideas for getting more done in less time with better results.

This training program includes a rotation of these six key areas of focus for your business. In Plan 1, you will receive a training module focused on "Revenue". Plan 2 is devoted to "Database," Plan 3 is devoted to "Acquisition" and so forth.

Now, let me be clear...

You're not going to get 52 deluxe "step by step" manuals showing you everything from picking a domain name to making your first dollar. You've heard that stuff a million times before. You know how to do it. In fact, you're probably already doing it.

What you will get Are 52
action plans highlighting a real case study
of what is working now to make money online, and
how you can use the strategy yourself.

You'll get proven systems, shortcuts, and secrets for growing a successful business while working as few as 10 hours per week.

It'll be like a high-level "show and tell".

In each plan you'll get a proven strategy in action and an explanation of the methodology behind how you can use it to generate real paying customers. And you'll get special insight into how you can quickly "turn it on" for your own business.

Order Now, And You'll Actually See Real And Proven
  • Email campaigns
  • Product idea folder
  • Top secret resources
  • Traffic generation tools
  • Operations checklists
  • Daily, weekly, monthly schedules
  • Fill-in-the-blank templates
  • Copy and paste autoresponders
  • Outsourcing protocols
  • Productivity hacks
  • Monetization plans
  • Growth strategies catalog
  • Multiple streams funnel plan

In eye-opening plan after plan (52 in all), you'll discover the current and effective things you can do in order to take your business to the next level of profitability.

And you can begin just as soon as you order and download this package!

Access All 52 Modules
When you access your yearlong training program
below, you will have immediate access to ALL 52 modules
listed below.
That's Right, You Can Download Over
875 Pages Of Training Organized Into
Digestable Weekly Action Steps!


This first plan is based on Product Creation. Then in every module we'll rotate through the other "Core Six" factors as follows...

You will receive Product Creation tutorials in Modules 1, 7, 13, 19, 25, 31, 37, 43, 49
You will receive Email Marketing tutorials in Modules 2, 8, 14, 20, 26, 32, 38, 44, 50
You will receive Traffic Generation tutorials in Modules 3, 9, 15, 21, 27, 33, 39, 45, 51
You will receive Business-Building tutorials in Modules 4, 10, 16, 22, 28, 34, 40, 46, 52
You will receive Infocreation tutorials in Modules 5, 11, 17, 23, 29, 35, 41, 47
You will receive Effeciency tutorials in Modules 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48

Here is a complete list of all 52 training modules that you'll get instant access to when you order now:

1. How To Create A Signature Product Out Of Thin Air In 72 Hours Or Less (24 Pages)

2. Creating Content That Converts Prospects Into Paying Customers (16 Pages)

3. How To Get Others To Actively Send You Free Traffic (26 Pages)

4. Passive Profit Made Simple (21 Pages)

5. How To Research And Write Content Super F.A.S.T. (19 Pages)

6. The Ten-Hour Workweek (18 Pages)

7. A Simple Strategy I Use To Make $10,000-$25,000 In 2 Weeks Or Less (19 Pages)

8. The Freemium Follow-Up Formula (AKA "Freemium Fortune") (22 Pages)

9. How To Create A Flurry Of Free Traffic In 30 Minutes Or Less (27 Pages)

10. Cheat Sheets (With A Case Study For Business Growth) (20 Pages)

11. 5 Writing h.a.c.k.s. for creating content faster, easier and better (22 Pages)


13. The D.E.A.L.S. Blueprint for monthly income (24 pages)

14. buyers list blueprint: creating a list for people who want to spend money with you (17 pages)

15. Ten-minute traffic: things i do in my spare time to get visitors to my website (23 Pages)

16. the set it and forget it way to increase sales (28 pages)

17. 25 kinds of fantastic fremiums to give away to get sales (20 pages)

18. 5 Every Week activities to get more sales from what you do (22 pages)

19. how to create a product in 24 days working just one hour per day (19 Pages)

20. the 1-2-3 guide to building a profitable list (16 Pages)

21. traffic mastery: my 3-step system for getting people to my websites (16 pages)

22. Simple Six Figures: The 3-part plan to topping $100,000 per year in profit (15 pages)

23. how to turn content into cash (17 pages)

24. the hands-free outsourcing guide (16 Pages)

25. the recurring payments plan (17 Pages)

26. how to triple your email list revenue (14 Pages)

27. the simple way pros get free publicity (28 pages)

28. my S.E.T.U.P. Guide for a $100k Sales funnel (16 pages)

29. Three types of content that will generate more website traffic (24 Pages)

30. The shortcut to productivity (31 pages)

31. the shortcut to creating products (18 pages)

32. fill-in-the-blank recruitment emails for affiliate and joint venture partnerships (28 pages)

33. how to S.e.t.u.p. a profitable affiliate contest (10 pages)

34. Swipe File: 20 ways to boost the perceived value of your infoproduct (13 pages)

35. 20 ways to find ideas to write about that people want to read about (13 pages)

36. Fill-in-the-blanks yearlong training program sales letter template (10 pages)

37. the simple system for frontend and backend sales (19 pages)

38. the lead page planner (6 pages)

39. the sales funnel planner (7 pages)

40. The business growth planner (8 pages)

41. The sales letter planner (12 pages)

42. the business productivity planner (8 pages)

43. how to double your profit with product splintering (13 Pages)

44. how to b.o.o.s.t. your email open rate (11 pages)

45. the essential guide to putting other people's affiliates to work for you (11 pages)

46. the 10 smartest things you can do to promote your product (13 pages)

47. 101 blog post title templates that get attention (17 pages)

48. how to get the best quality work from freelancers (10 pages)

49. 30 tasks to outsource that make more money than they cost (21 pages)




WOW - You get 52 modules with over 875 pages of solid-gold content!

It. Is. A. No-brainer.

Right? In my best Yoda voice, I'm saying to you right now: "Smiling you are. Amazing offer this is." :)

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The answer...

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Think about the very first module in this course. What will you gain from your $4 investment? Training that teaches you how to create your own $97-$297 product. Sell just one product at $97 and you've made 25X what you spent on the action plan!

I mean, seriously, just do the math.

Over and over across each of the 52 modules, you'll get money-generating systems, shortcuts, and secrets. The best $4 investment you'll be making!

Revenue. Database. Acquisition. Growth. Content. Productivity.

But, I'm going to make it even better...

Like I said. Smiling you are. Amazing offer this is. But I'm going to make it even better...


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Best regards,

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